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With nearly 50 years of experience developing land and building more than 10,000 homes throughout California, Nevada and Idaho, the Bardis family understands the nuances of homebuilding and what it takes to be a successful builder. Utilizing their family's extensive knowledge of the profession, Rachel and Katherine Bardis are reimagining the home building process with Bardis Homes.

By gaining insight from industry professionals throughout the nation, touring award-winning new home developments, as well testing the demands of their current buyers through focus groups,

Rachel and Katherine constantly work to understand how homes are lived in and work to build homes that satisfy the demands of 21st century living. Bardis Homes are thoughtfully designed with modern-day amenities and a conscience sense of space that promote the type of living a homeowner would like to have in their new home - from elegant parties to family movie nights to romantic dinners for two. Rachel and Katherine's fresh perspective, unique energy and willingness to "go back to the drawing board" allows them to design and build distinctive homes that feel and live just right to buyers.

Bardis Homes are creatively designed and carefully built, with every detail receiving due attention. Top-quality fixtures, high-end appliances, beautiful finishes, a myriad of practical amenities and thoughtful floor plans ensure a Bardis Home feels like no other home available today.

Bardis Homes is focused on maintaining steady, sustainable growth building homes throughout the Sacramento region, developing mutually beneficial long-term relationships with key building partners, and establishing itself as the builder of choice for Northern California families.




With our knowledge of the area and home construction, we can help you find your forever home – even if we don’t build it for you!​


Land Planning and Entitlements: whether it is simply laying out the community design or brining the project through the entire entitlement process, we can help you with every step along the way.


Vertical and horizontal construction: Why hire multiple contractors to facilitate the completion of the project. Bardis Homes can coordinate both horizontal and vertical construction so you only have one point of contact and team for the entire project build out.


City permitting approvals: Planning, design review, final map. Large master planned projects require planning, design review, and building sign off. Bardis Homes can help facilitate and coordinate approvals for every required category.


Finding and deciding to purchase a property is possibly the most important step in the process. With our knowledge of the area and programs to quickly evaluate pricing, we can help you decide whether or not to purchase and if so, at what price.



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